A fast-paced story now translated into English, Titan Comics’ Void sets a new bar for graphic novel thrillers and is a must for fans of Sean Phillips.

Void cover

Goliath 01, a prison ship, drifts listlessly through. The ship’s commander, Colonel Mercer, has massacred everyone on board – inmates and crew alike, except one. John, the lone survivor, cowers in the bowels of the carrier, desperate to escape the ship. But the howling void of space makes the best prison of all…

  • Writer: Herik Hanna
  • Artist: Sean Phillips
  • Titan Comics, September 2014
  • Hardcover, 48 pages, 8″ x 11″
  • ISBN 9781782760849
  • $9.99 USD
  • Order online: Amazon

This is a European comic brought to the North American market done right. A good size, physically and page count, glossy paper stock, hardcover, $9.99 price point. This is what Cinebook should be delivering.

A crazed commander has slaughtered everyone aboard a prison ship adrift in space and only our protagonist John seems to be left. We follow John on his nail-biting journey through the ship as he attempts to stay alive. It’s a classic chase thriller with an interesting twist that for most of us is easily spotted but no less dramatic.

Void interior 1

Hanna presents a compelling story with a constant, intense pace. Since we only see and interact with John his character develops page by page, small details emerging and the weight of what’s happening taking its toll. Sanity becomes questionable and then things get interesting.

Phillips is well known for his crime and drama work and has a clear and developed style. He has a “type” of protagonist and femme fatale and they tend to look similar from book to book, but that doesn’t detract from what’s presented. Bold strong lines, rich blacks, and expressive faces. Since the story follows one character and a lot of the dialogue takes place in his head Phillips uses the panels to represent his thoughts. Lots of small overlapping panels and non linear layouts enhancing the tension, presenting a thriller visually, moment by moment.

Void interior 2

No extras included, but we’re already getting an incredible value here. Ten dollars for this story is a bargain: just go get it.

Originally published at Comic Book Daily.