eBabble is currently a culmination of my interests: food, comics and technology.  I’ve been running this site since 1999 as a way to publish my thoughts and experiences with my life’s passions.

All content is by Scott VanderPloeg.  I can be reached at scott {at} ebabble {dot} net.


eBabble Food (RSS for Food ONLY)

I’ve loved to eat my whole life, and have had the opportunity during my single years to travel around and sample a lot of different dishes. After I married and settled down I became the cook in the family and prepare all the meals. Excellent ingredients make for excellent dishes and good eats, but what if I took the raw ingredients to the extreme and made as much as I could from scratch? These are my adventures, taking things from simple to delicious.

eBabble Comics (RSS for Comics ONLY)

Comics have been a big part of my reading life and I’ve made the change from weekly titles to trade paperbacks and hardcovers.  Since I’m reading them I might as well post about them too.

eBabble Technology (RSS for Tech ONLY)

Since I write reviews on hardware and software, you may be wondering what I’ve got running home. Currently I’m operating a seven PC network. Here’s a breakdown of my test systems.


  • Intel i5-2500K 3.3GHz CPU
  • GELID Solutions Tranquillo CPU Cooler
  • Asus P8Z68V-Pro Motherboard
  • Mushkin Enhanced Blackline Frostbyte 16 GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 CL9 RAM
  • eVGA GTX 570 PCI-e Video Card
  • Asus Xonar DX Sound Card
  • OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240 GB SSD
  • WD1002FAEX 1 TB SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive
  • LG GSA-H62L 16x SATA Dual Layer DVD ReWriter
  • Dell 2709W 27” Widescreen IPS LCD Monitor
  • Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 Keyboard
  • Alienware TactX Mouse
  • Antec P182 Full Tower Case
  • Corsair TX850W power supply
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate


  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.2 GHz CPU
  • Intel Stock CPU Cooler
  • Intel Pedestal Server System P4304BTLSFCN
  • 4 GB 1333MHz CL9 DDR3 Registered & Unbuffered DIMM RAM x4
  • RocketRAID 2720SGL SATA RAID Adapter
  • WD2500AAKX 250GB Blue SATA Hard Drive x2 (RAID 1 Boot)
  • Seagate 3 TB SATA Hard Drive x5 (RAID 5 Storage with hot spare)
  • LG GSA-H62L 16x SATA Dual Layer DVD ReWriter
  • HP L1710 17″ LCD monitor
  • IBM Preferred Keyboard PS/2
  • Logitech MX500 Mouse
  • Microsoft Windows Home Server