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Finished Beignets

Beignets: quick and easy homemade doughnuts

I had a recipe for beignets from Cook's Country sitting around for about a year that my daughter would ask about every so often; "Daddy, when are you making doughnuts?". Last week I finally took a look at it and realized there are minimal ingredients and it comes together quickly and easily.
Pork Leg Pastrami sliced

Porkstrami: Pork Leg Pastrami

I love pastrami and Montreal smoked meat: tender, very tasty beef brisket cured, smoked and steamed to an umptuous pile of goodness. Unfortunately beef brisket is expensive, relatively speaking: the cheapest I could find was $5 a pound. My go-to…

Buckboard Bacon 2014

Pork and Charcuterie in 2014

Pork prices rose higher than I ever remember them in 2014, due to issues with pork production and high demand for some cuts like bellies. This in turn caused me to cut back on production myself during the year, only…

Individual Sponge Cakes

Single Serving Sponge Cakes

Early summer strawberries are upon us in Southern Ontario and a local supermarket had local strawberries on sale so I bought a goodly amount and everyone has been eating them for breakfast. I really wanted to have strawberry shortcake for…

Chuck Roast Sous Vide carved

Sous Vide Chuck Roast

I have waffled on the whole sous vide cooking process for a few years, but decided to give it a try when the Sansaire was on Kickstarter. Sous vide is basically cooking food in a water bath that is kept…

Duck Prosciutto sliced

Duck Prosciutto

More homemade Christmas gifts: this week I made duck prosciutto. It’s very straightforward and requires two ingredients: boneless duck breasts and kosher salt. I have had this preparation in mind for a few years and even bought a frozen duck…

McDonalds Poutine 2

McDonald’s Poutine

McDonald’s Canada introduced Poutine this week; at least in Ontario. I was there at lunch and had the opportunity to give it a try. Oddly it’s not “McPoutine” or anything catchy like that; slightly disappointing.   Poutine is $3.99 or…

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Continuing my production of house made (homemade) gifts for friends and family this week I made vanilla sugar. This one is incredibly easy and allows time to do other things, like the 3o pounds of bacon I’m also making. Vanilla…

Herb and Garlic Sea Salt closeup

Herb and Garlic Sea Salt

Christmas is soon upon us so I gathered ingredients and started preparing my home made gifts. I like to make five or six items that I pass along to friends and family. I’ll feature one a week: first up is…