Popovers, a.k.a. Yorkshire Pudding

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I had read and seen Yorkshire Pudding for years but never had the chance to give it a taste. Over the holidays I had some extra time and was looking for something to add to a roast beef dinner when I came across Michael Ruhlman’s recipe. Giving that a once over and looking at other popover recipes I’d bookmarked over the years led to the simple list of ingredients and rapid cooking. At dinner my daughter said they tasted like pancakes. 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon salt 2 cups milk…read more

Buckboard Bacon

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Over the Christmas season I make homemade (or house made, which seems to be more in style now and has been commandeered by restaurants) food gifts. While preparing twenty-five pounds of bacon using my standard recipe I also had purchased a whole shoulder, so I decided to cut off five pounds and make buckboard bacon. No idea why it’s called that, other than the pioneer reference, but a standard bacon cure can be used for any cut of pork and it will taste like bacon. Here’s the recipe for simplicity’s…read more

Make Superfine and Confectioners’ (Icing) Sugar

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Cooks Illustrated has a great video series on their website with quick tips. This time was how to use regular sugar in the place of superfine sugar or confectioners’ (icing) sugar: use your blender! For one cup of superfine sugar process one cup plus two teaspoons granulated sugar for 30 seconds. For one cup of confectioners’ sugar process one plus granulated sugar plus one teaspoon cornstarch for at least one minute, then sift.

Hot Smoked Chuck Roast

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After many successful pork shoulder (butt) cookouts on the barbeque I wondered if a low and slow approach would work for beef. I was at the store recently and came across a beautifully marbled chuck roast; blade roast for us Canadians, and I have no idea why we have a different name for this cut of beef. I gave it a generous seasoning of salt and pepper then left it for a day uncovered in the refrigerator. I set up my Big Green Egg for indirect cooking by inserting the…read more

Cranberry Sauce

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My family was away over Thanksgiving and a friend canceled for dinner but I decided to forge ahead and make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for myself. Since I’m diabetic (type 2) I skipped the mashed potatoes and made my dressing with whole wheat bread; for my roux I used whole wheat flour. That also meant I had to change my standard cranberry sauce recipe. I always followed the standard Ocean Spray recipe on the package of fresh cranberries: bring a cup of water and a cup of sugar to a…read more

The Sandwich Of Summer 2012

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I like sandwiches. No, that’s not strong enough: I love sandwiches. Take ingredients you thoroughly enjoy and put them in a portable, edible container. We had what could be considered a “perfect storm” of elements in the refrigerator last week for me to create what is now my official sandwich of 2012.

Organized Through Labels

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Labels, who wants to waste their time with labels? My wife has owned and used a Brother P-Touch labeler for some time, keeping things neat and organized. I’m the cook and kitchen manager in the house and until now have been happy with a hunt-and-peck outlook to kitchen management. Sure my wife complains she can’t tell what meat is in the freezer, but isn’t half the fun taking out a frozen hunk of dark meat, turning it over and over again in your hands and making a complete guess as…read more

Cook Pasta In A Frying Pan

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I saw a post recently on Chow that made me very skeptical: cook pasta in a frying pan, just covering the pasta with cold water and cooking on high until tender.   This goes against all thinking on pasta cooking: everyone says we need vast amounts of boiling water to properly cook pasta.  Yet this new recommendation came from Harold McGee, a very respected food scientist.  So I gave it a try.  And you should too, as the results were wonderful.  Watch the video, then try it out with my…read more

Clay Pot Refrigeration

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I saw this on YouTube: make a clay pot refrigeration container, called a Zeer Pot,  with sand and water.  It’s a very simple and effective technique that once constructed is good forever with the addition of water. As well here’s a great case study how this is helping people in Sudan, along with a technical manual and brief.  They use a clay lid instead of a damp towel, which makes more sense for long term usage.

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