The Transporter Volume 1: Nymph

The Transporter Vol 1 Nymph cover

Human life has been devastated by an unstoppable virus … Not a disease, but a chemical reaction that attacks iron, destroying everything that contains them and setting civilization back hundreds of years. It even affects the iron that is present in blood—enough to cause bizarre mutations and affect human fertility. Amid the resulting chaos, one man has set himself an unusual mission: to transport anything anywhere for anyone—for a price. But what he asks in return is no less mystifying than his self-appointed role… as the Transporter.

A nice twist on the post-apocalyptic adventure, this time a virus that attacks iron and sets our civilization on the skids.

The Transporter Vol 1 Nymph interior 1
The Transporter Vol 1 Nymph interior 2

Roulot provides this virus as the framework for a story of a mysterious lone traveller and the age-old tale of the strong over the weak. Being the first volume a lot of background and foundation is laid: a religious force, gangs, mutations galore, and what happens when they all come together.

Just who or what the transporter is we don’t learn this time around. He gets people to swallow metallic eggs as payment for his work, and we see early on it gives him the person’s special ability. Plus he has those cool red goggles.

There is enough story in this first volume to keep the reader engaged and turning pages, but it provides more questions than anything. We’re on the hook for volume 2.

Armand is a skilled artist and gives life to his characters and environments. I couldn’t place the name until I starting writing this and saw he did Bob Morane volumes one and two. His style has changed with this volume, adding more detail and perhaps a more naturalistic look. His colours help with this in creating an environment of wood, trees and vegetation.

Like most European works this is a dense volume. Armand’s panels are tight and well developed, adjusting sizes and layouts to suit the story. Nothing wasted on the page.

The Transporter Vol 1 Nymph interior 3
The Transporter Vol 1 Nymph interior 4

Please check out the preview below from Izneo, who provided my digital copy for review.