Bob Morane Resurrection V1: Rare Earth

Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth cover

Bob Morane is back! This thrilling reboot from Lombard reintroduces the heroic soldier and all his classic associates in a new, present-day world. The whip-smart, physically skilled, and drop-dead gorgeous Morane has volunteered for a peacekeeping mission to Nigeria, where his conscience runs him afoul of his commanding officers and puts some very important people in his debt. Eventually, he finds himself organizing the largest humanitarian operation that has ever been undertaken in Africa. But there are many forces at play, some more shadowy than others—and some are extremely nefarious…

  • Europe Comics, August 2017
  • Written by Aurélien Ducoudray and Luc Brunschwig
  • Art by Dimitri Armand
  • 60 Pages
  • $5.99
  • Read Online: IzneoAmazon

Environments and characters we rarely see in a comic, Bob Morane takes us on a very different adventure.

Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 1
Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 2

I can’t remember reading a comic about ethnic conflict in Nigeria, or about French peacekeeping troops, but I can’t wait for more. Ducoudray and Brunschwig give us a story and environment fresh for North American readers.

This first volume is world-building: developing the characters, showing how they came together, establishing the environment. We see the pieces coming together in an entertaining and engaging manner.

I was disappointed with the advanced technology angle and how this first volume ended; not sure we needed to go that route. Let’s see what volume two offers.

Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 3
Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 4

Armand’s art works very well, presenting naturalistic environments and characters. We’re immersed in this “real world” adventure and once there everything flows. Panels are tight and filled with information, as is the case for most bande dessinée, but it works. We move from talking heads to action seamlessly, keeping the reader engaged throughout.

Facio’s colours keep us rooted in this environment with an accurate and naturalistic palette. I enjoyed the sepia/tan wash on the flashback panels.

The lettering was clear, legible and easy on the eyes. A happy change from what our recent Europe Comics reviews.

Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 5
Bob Morane V1 Rare Earth interior 6

Please check out the preview below from Izneo, who provided my digital copy for review.

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