Smoked Hunters Sausage


Our freezer was getting overcrowded with pork so I decided to take out sixteen pounds and make some sausage over the weekend.  My family seems to like smoked sausage the best so I made Hunters sausage (forgot the German name, sorry).  It’s a pork sausage with coriander and mustard seeds, dry milk powder and a little garlic.  I followed the recipe in Charcuterie and everything worked well.  The batch was too large to mix in my stand mixer so I did it manually and it was tough going.

The sausages above have grill marks because I smoke them in my Big Green Egg with the large plate setter; more on that next week.  I keep the temperature at 180 degrees and the sausages are smoked after about two hours; that pile above was done in two batches.  Unfortunately the edges of the grill get hot enough to leave grill marks, but they’re not for commercial consumption anyway.

I’m trying to perfect my sausage stuffing skills but they seem to come up lacking: I get too many air pockets and when I twist them there is breakage.  Both issues will be ironed out with practice.

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  1. My advice on the stuffing, is once you get it in, poke em all over with a sharp knife to get tons of little holes. especially if you’re smoking them this will not as you might think, create tons of seepage. basically some of the fat escapes during smoking and also the smoke flavor gets in, but most importantly, the casing adheres tightly to the meat.


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