Double Smoked Pork Loin

I had enjoyed double smoked bacon when I worked at a German butcher shop during high school but haven’t seen it much since.  It was my monthly or quarterly bacon prep and I was smoking a pork belly and a half loin, both prepared with my bacon recipe.

Unfortunately I didn’t time it well: I started smoking on my Big Green Egg but only achieved two hours of hot smoking when I have to pull everything to prepare steaks for dinner.  The bacon had achieved an internal temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit but the loin was only 120 degrees.  After the steaks were done I added more charcoal, sugar maple and lowered the temperature back down to 180 degrees.  Another two hours and the pork loin had reached doneness.

There it is next to the pork belly: once the skin is off I like to let everything cool overnight before cutting and handling.  As you can see it has a very nice bark and a great smoky aroma.  It had an intense flavour, strong and meaty.  Overall I was really impressed.  It’s nice sliced thinly and eaten cold.  Here’s an extreme closeup.