Big Green Egg Plate Setter

A few weeks back I discussed smoking on my Big Green Egg and using indirect heat: I was able to accomplish this by using the Plate Setter.  For indirect cooking you remove the grate, insert the plate setter with a drip pan and put the grate on top.


Or you can flip it the other way and use it as a baking stone for bread or pizza.


It’s made a big difference in the smoking I’ve done.  Well worth the additional investment.  Since I’ve only used it for indirect cooking the bottom is now charcoal black: not sure what effect that will have when I eventually get around to baking.


  1. Hello was admiring you website when I came across you drip pan. I love it, where did you get it from because I need one. Thanks Ron

    • That was an official Big Green Egg drip pan at the time I bought it several years ago. Check with your closest Big Green Egg retailer.


  1. Hot Smoked Chuck Roast - eBabble - [...] day uncovered in the refrigerator. I set up my Big Green Egg for indirect cooking by inserting the plate…

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