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WHS Restore 1

Windows Home Server & 64 Bit Restore

While Windows Home Server 2011 has been available for some time I still prefer version 1, based on Windows Server 2003. It has drive extender, is very mature, has a lot of add-ins available and runs well on older and…

Label Power Brick

What Is That Again? Read The Label!

After conquering the kitchen and freezer with my Brother P-Touch labeler it sat sadly in a drawer with little attention paid. That is until I was poking around a bin of electronics and had no idea how to identify what…


Organized Through Labels

Labels, who wants to waste their time with labels? My wife has owned and used a Brother P-Touch labeler for some time, keeping things neat and organized. I’m the cook and kitchen manager in the house and until now have…

serverworks logo

SMB Server Comparison

Blast from the past: originally published September 25th 2001. When I originally conceived of this article, I planned for two classes of server; a budget machine of $1500 and something decent for $3000. After researching the manufacturer’s web sites and…


RAID Cluster Size

Blast from the past: originally published in 2003. Testing RAID cards is a long and arduous process. The most difficult part was deciding on a standard cluster size for all cards. While the Promise cards can have from 8k to 2048k, Adaptec’s limit is 128k, and 3ware’s is 64k. All cards default to 64k cluster size, so who am I to argue? Just for comparison sake, I ran the Promise FastTrak100 with three cluster sizes to see the difference.

RAID Cache Size

Blast from the past: originally published in 2003. Cache plays an integral part in RAID types that use parity or error checking and correcting (ECC). How much cache to put on a RAID card to get the best performance is a tricky bit of business: the natural reaction is to max it out. Below is a comparison of benchmarks using three sizes: 64, 128 and 256 MB PC133 SDRAM on a Promise FastTrak SX4000 with IBM DeskStar 75GXP 20 GB drives.
realmagic hollywood plus

Entertainment PC

Blast from the past: originally published June 1st 2001. Being a computer technician and networking professional, I have quite a few computers at home. The problem is what to do with those old Pentium machines that just can’t keep up…

activation wizard product key

Windows Product Activation

Blast from the past: originally published February 4th 2002. So much has been made of Windows XP product activation, with every major PC magazine carrying a feature article and countless online rants, that I felt it was covered to death. The…


Windows Update & Device Drivers

Blast from the past: originally published December 31st 2001. I’m a big fan of Windows Update; one easy place to find all the updates needed for your system. I’ve found it works with Windows 95 up and long as your version…