Undertaker V3: The Ogre Of Camp Sutter

Undertaker V3 cover

When an old colonel informs Jonas Crow that the so-called “Ogre of Sutter Camp” is still alive and well, he’s not exactly pleased, to say the least. His troubled past from his fighting days in the American Civil War comes back to the surface, forcing Jonas into a man-hunt, and to face his own regrets…

This volume takes our established cast and turns the story from action-adventure to thriller, with absolute mastery.

Undertaker V3 interior 1
Undertaker V3 interior 2

Dorison shows his versatility and expertise in this third volume. Previously we followed our three protagonists through the tense and action packed race to get a body to its final resting place while avoiding a pack of enraged miners. Now we have a deranged and brilliant killer playing a psychological cat and mouse, pitting everyone against each other.

Building on the original cast and providing more back story allows the story to develop and draw the existing readers deeper while allowing new readers to jump on this new story arc.

Undertaker V3 interior 3
Undertaker V3 interior 4

Meyer continues to provide excellent panel layouts and compelling visuals. Dense and detailed. His portrayal of the killer is chilling and hits all the right notes. It’s his lack of emotion amongst the turmoil and anguish of everyone else that brings it home. Wonderful use of shadow and blacks, while Delabie maintains naturalistic colours.

Undertaker V3 interior 5
Undertaker V3 interior 6

Please check out the preview below from Izneo, who provided my digital copy for review.

Originally published at Comic Book Daily.