Undertaker V2: The Dance of the Vultures

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Undertaker Jonas Crow, along with the English governess Rose and her Chinese maid Lin, have to get the gold-filled corps of old Mr. Cusco back to the mining vein they call ‘Red Chance’. They have three days. Three days, a hearse, 50 miles ahead of them, and an entire town of discontented miners to deal with! Europe Comics, October 2016 Written by Xavier Dorison Art by Ralph Meyer 56 Pages $10.99 Read Online: Izneo, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca While continuing the tale from V1, this volume undertakes a completely different story type to keep…read more

Undertaker V1: The Gold Eater

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Undertaker Jonas Crow is charged with transporting the coffin of an ex-miner become millionaire back to the mining vein that made his fortune. The funeral should have been a calm affair, but there’s an unexpected turn of events: on the eve of his death, Joe Cusco swallowed all his gold, so as to carry it with him for all eternity. Unfortunately, the secret was leaked, provoking the fury of all the miners of Anoki City. They can’t just leave such a fortune to be buried while they’re sweating their souls…read more

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