Smoke’s Poutinerie

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I was in Toronto over the weekend and had a chance to try Smoke’s Poutinerie.  They only service poutine, that glorious French Canadian mix of fries, cheese curds and gravy.  Good things kept being said about the place so I knew a trip was in order.  There’s not much to the place: seating, simple decor and the counter. They feature a variety of toppings and gravies to go over your fries and cheese curds.  I decided to try the double pork: pulled pork, bacon and green peppercorn gravy.  It’s a…read more

Wizard World Toronto: Baby Steps

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I attended the full first day of Wizard World, roaming the floor from 4:00 – 9:00 PM.  The exhibit hall was significantly smaller than last year and it seemed a better fit, less cavernous. During my initial pre-show walk around I discovered an alarming dearth of retailers: at best it was five comic resellers set up.  Really only Wes Hagan had items of interest to me: he had purchased a large magazine collection that had a lot of varied material, covering every comics related magazine from the 70s and 80s. …read more

Fan Expo 2010 Day One: Art and Hardcovers

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Originally published at Comic Book Daily under my Bound Together column. Fan Expo 2010 started today at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The early bird package had a 2:00 PM entrance and there were hundreds lined up to get in: I’ve never seen a crowd that large buying a premium VIP three day show pass.  Media and vendor passes are a beautiful thing.  Art prices are continuing their dramatic increase while vintage hardcovers are scarce. My focus was artist alley and acquiring sketches from my favourite artists.  Paolo Rivera was…read more


TCAF 2010: Toronto Comic Arts Festival

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Today and tomorrow at the Toronto Reference Library branch is the annual Toronto Comics Arts Festival, or TCAF.  It’s been running for several years but this was my first time attending the show.  It’s a small press independent kind of show and I’m really a mainstream kind of comic reader, but there were enough points of interest to draw me there. The big item for me was to see Charles Vess, who has just released a new illustrated book with Neil Gaiman called Instructions.  I’m a fan of his comic…read more


Wizard World Toronto Comic Con: Worst show ever

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I’d like to leave it at the title but will expand just a little.  Wizard World purchased the ailing Paradise Toronto Comic Con last year.  The Paradise show was a comic show, pure and simple.  Comic dealers and comic creators in the same hall for comic fans.  Wizard World was able to change all that, poorly. Let’s start with the guest list and show information; I’ll wait while you peruse.  If you’re having trouble finding any comic people keep looking; they’re listed with toy creators.  The shows comic headliners are…read more


Fan Expo Toronto ComiCON February Show

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Sunday February 28th there was a one day show in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre., put on by Hobbystar.  It was in a smaller room that was packed with local dealers and tables with artists.  I was at this event last year in the same room and experienced the same issue: everything is packed too tightly!  They’re keeping the legal aisle way space but dealers have items for sale so a row now has people searching bins on both sides so you can’t get by.  Add in two rows…read more


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