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Incal Coffee Table Edition covers

Incal Classic Collection Coffee Table Edition Vol 1-6

The Incal is one of those comic stories that have taken on legendary status, especially among comic creators. First released as six volumes in French, it’s considered the highlight of Moebius’ career. Printed in English several times, notably by Epic…

Clockwerx cover


Giant steampunk robots terrorizing London: what’s not to like? London, 1899. A series of mysterious deaths on the shipping docks have an ex-Scotland Yard officer on the hunt for clues. What he uncovers is a war between a huge corporation…

Muse cover


A beautiful oversized volume showcasing Terry Dodson’s ability to draw sensual and captivating comics, Muse is a must have for fans of good girl art. Available for the first time in the English language, in its original size, and in…

The Alliance Of The Curious cover

The Alliance Of The Curious

A unique tale of action, black comedy and mystery, Humanoids brings English speaking audiences Philippe Riche’s The Alliance Of The Curious. Three antique dealers team up to work on the most bizarre and obscure of cases. Their current investigation begins…

Megalex cover


The latest from Humanoids, bringing English translations of European works. Megalex was a three-volume work released in French in 1999, 2002 and 2008. This is its first English release. On the planet-city of Megalex, urban sprawl and technology consume all, leaving only…

Pandoras Eyes Cover

Pandora’s Eyes

Being a fan of Humanoids and Milo Manara I happily thumbed Pandora’s Eyes when it was released, then put it back on the shelf. For some reason, I wasn’t ready at the time, but having thoroughly enjoyed The Manara Library Volume 1 I picked…

Hounds Of Hell Cover

The Hounds Of Hell

With a title that exciting The Hounds Of Hell was a must read for me this week after a visit to my local comic book shop. A formidable group of mercenaries accept a secret mission for the Empress of the…

Elias The Cursed Cover

Elias The Cursed

Elias The Cursed by Corrado Mastantuono and Sylviane Corgiat. Here’s the publisher’s blurb: Fallen king Elias is on a quest to reclaim the face that was stolen from him by the mighty sorcerer Melchior. With the help of an unlikely gang, of all fantastical shapes and sizes, and amidst magic both good and evil, Elias The Cursed will attempt to save his face, and perhaps his soul.