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Cover Story The DC Comics Art Of Brian Bolland cover

Cover Story: The DC Comics Art Of Brian Bolland

A wonderful artist who has done a ton of cover work, and not enough interior comic work, Brian Bolland gets his spotlight in Cover Story: The DC Comics Art Of Brian Bolland. Artist Brian Bolland, best known for his work as…

Next Men Vol 1 Scattered Cover

Next Men Vol 1: Scattered

First off I dropped the “John Byrne’s” from the title so it would be somewhat shorter, and I really don’t like it when a creator’s name is inserted into the title.  I had heard Byrne was picking up with the…

Lone Wolf Cub Vol 1

Lone Wolf & Cub Retailer Incentive

Lone Wolf and Cub is a wonderful manga series that has come to North America twice: prestige format comics from First Publishing in the 1980s and in twenty eight 4.25×6.5″ softcover volumes from Dark Horse. For anyone who hasn’t sampled…

Like A Sniper Lining Up His Shot Cover

Like A Sniper Lining Up His Shot

My local comic shop received this last week although everyone seems to be listing today as its release date. I’ve been waiting all year for Tardi’s Like A Sniper Lining Up His Shot. Martin Terrier, ice-cold mercenary-turned-contract-killer, has his future all mapped out: He has just executed what he intends to be his final job and is ready to move on to the next phase of his life, which involves discreet retirement accompanied by a long-lost girlfriend. But Terrier’s employers are emphatically not pleased with his decision, old enemies begin to re-emerge, and soon Terrier is forced to once again ply his brutal trade.
Turf Cover


Turf from Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards looked interesting; 1929 New York with a vampire problem and aliens.  After reading it I think they should have done 1929 New York with vampires and a second book with 1929 New…

Empire Cover


It was October 1978 that Empire, the first graphic novel, appeared on bookstore shelves.  That’s the same month Eisner’s A Contract With God made its début, and Empire is one illustrated story while Eisner’s work is a collection of short…

Screaming Planet Cover

Screaming Planet

A look at Alexandro Jodorowsky’s Screaming Planet.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: All that remains of a prosperous, warm planet destroyed by the madness of its inhabitants many years ago…A living piece of metal, adrift in the cosmos, howling in its…

Legend Of The Scarlet Blades Cover

Legend Of The Scarlet Blades

Today we’re looking at Legend Of the Scarlet Blades by Saverio Tenuta.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: Cartoonist Saverio Tenuta writes and paints a twisted tale of a masterless Samurai named Raido searching for clues to his bloody past in a…

Liars Kiss Cover

Liar’s Kiss

This book came into my hands via a recommendation from my local comic book shop.  Liar’s Kiss is a quick black and white crime drama.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: THE WAY HE INVESTIGATES IS A CRIME IN ITSELF. Nick Archer…