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Rip Kirby Vol 1 cover

Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby Vol 1: 1946-1948

A solid look into “the first modern detective”, IDW’s Library Of American Comics presents a wonderful look into post war crime fiction. The first volume of Alex Raymond’s modernist classic reproduces, from syndicate proof sheets, every strip from the beginning,…

Flash Gordon On The Planet Mongo cover

Flash Gordon: On The Planet Mongo

Titan’s first volume of Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon presents the classic material in a comprehensive and affordable package. Beginning the complete library of the greatest science fiction hero of all time. Volume One will spotlight the work of Alex Raymond,…

Flash Gordon LOAC vs Titan

Flash Gordon: IDW’s LOAC vs Titan

Astute readers will have noticed I’ve reviewed two Alex Raymond Flash Gordon collections on CBD this year: IDW’s Library Of American Comics (LOAC) The Definitive Flash Gordon And Jungle Jim: 1934-1936 and Titan’s Flash Gordon: On The Planet Mongo, Sundays 1934-1937. Two very…