IBM Preferred Keyboard

Blast from the past: originally posted December 21 2000.

IBM keyboardWe all have and use a keyboard. Almost all of us are using the model that came with our PC, whether it be from Dell, Compaq or a clone shop. It’s only when we start to shop around for extras or scour the accessories aisle at Costco that the various models and styles of keyboards come into view.

Recently I purchased a few clone PCs for my office, and they came with an OEM IBM keyboard. Checking online, I found the model to be called the 104-Key Preferred Keyboard. I liked the look and feel of it so much I ordered ten more for the office.

Let’s take a look at this model. It’s actually two parts: the standard rectangular PS/2 keyboard and a snap on wrist wrest. There’s nothing really fancy about it, aside from three items. First, the wrist wrest is a nice touch and does provide for ones comfort. Two, the keys have a feel somewhere between the old “click” and the new “mushy” styles; at once comfortable and enjoyable. Thirdly, along with the text “scroll lock, caps lock, num lock” there is a symbol on the key as well, and the symbol sits beside the status lights at the top right.

When the box of ten arrived, the new unopened carton was labelled “Logitech” on the side. Upon opening it contained my ten IBM keyboards. Hmm. ( Editor’s note: I haven’t found any proof to indicate Logitech manufactures these keyboards. )

A very nice OEM keyboard to have, the IBM 104-Key Preferred Keyboard can be had for less than $25 CDN. The web site shows a black model available as well, but I don’t know for how much. If your choice is between this and some no name, why not get an IBM?