Targus Stowaway Keyboard

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Blast from the past: originally published July 26 2002. I’m enamored by the idea of the PDA, or personal digital assistant. I bought a Palm IIIxe a few years ago and found it fit well for keeping my schedule, listing contacts and playing games. The batteries lasted two months and it was easy to use. Yet my life evolves around computers, so I move from my work PC to my home PC without the need for something in between. Of course there are those times when you’re in the field, at a conference or…read more

Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical

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Blast from the past: originally published November 1 2002. This spring I was in the process of upgrading my multimedia PC that’s connected to my television and receiver. It was using a standard keyboard and mouse perched on top of my record player (yes I still have one hooked up, for when I get around to ripping all my LPs to WMA). My new plans included gaming on my projection television, so new input devices were needed. Cordless mice and keyboards have been around for years, but past experience of slow response time…read more

IBM Preferred Keyboard

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Blast from the past: originally posted December 21 2000. We all have and use a keyboard. Almost all of us are using the model that came with our PC, whether it be from Dell, Compaq or a clone shop. It’s only when we start to shop around for extras or scour the accessories aisle at Costco that the various models and styles of keyboards come into view. Recently I purchased a few clone PCs for my office, and they came with an OEM IBM keyboard. Checking online, I found the model to be…read more

“Canadian” Keyboard

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I recently purchased an Acer Timeline 1410 11.6″ laptop for a big trip; it was a sweet deal from Staples and met all my criteria.  I’ll get a review up shortly.  When I got home I saw it had one of the new Canadian keyboards. Let me take a step back here and explain.  Until a few years ago every PC sold in Canada from a major manufacturer came in two SKUs: English and French.  Basically this boiled down to a different keyboard and a different language version of the…read more


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