Big Green Egg Grill Extender

After a few sausage smoking sessions with my Big Green Egg and the Plate Setter I was happy with the results but found I was only fitting about fifteen sausages on the grill at one time.  Since it was a three to four hour time investment I wanted to fit as many on as I could, which let me back to the Big Green Egg website and to my local barbeque shop Chadwick & Hacks.  There is a new three tier rack but it doesn’t hold a lot, which left me with the Grill Extender.


Basically it’s slightly smaller in diameter than the normal rack and has the two folding legs.  It works as advertised, allowing me to fit a full fourty sausages on my large Big Green Egg at home time for smoking.

Two problems: the folding legs are a pain to work with once the rack is hot and you have stuff on it, and the way they swing out makes placement on the main grill difficult.  Having fixed legs on the edge would solve both issues.

For extending your smoking surface it gets the job done.