AVG Rescue CD

AVG produces a great anti-virus product and makes a free version available; it’s highly recommended.  Recently they released AVG Rescue CD and it’s just as it sounds: a bootable CD with AVG on it, ready to fix those virus issues on your FAT32 or NTFS formatted hard drives.  System requirements indicate it will only work with Windows 2000 and up but that includes server versions as well; nicely done AVG.

press logo avg

Like all great fixes available you need a second working computer or need to download and burn a copy every few months.  The nice feature here is once you boot from the CD it asks to update the program and anti-virus signatures so you know you’re current; as long as your network card is one that generally works with Linux.

Once updated the program provides a simple and self-explanatory menu.  For those that are technically challenged AVG has video tutorials available.  Interestingly you can download a version that runs from a USB stick and once booted from the CD an option to create a bootable USB stick is also provided; the bases are really covered here.

This is another excellent free tool from AVG that is a must have for all PC users, just in case.