Windows 7 Install Doesn’t See SSD

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I was setting up a new PC and pulled a 60 GB SSD from an idle system to use in this build. I started the Windows 7 installation but when it trundled along to the hard drive portion no local drives were detected. I rebooted and checked the BIOS, but the drive was recognized. Another step into Windows and the same thing: no drive. A few more trips to the BIOS and adjustments made to hard drive type (AHCI, native mode IDE) but no changes. Furious internet searching led me nowhere…read more

HighPoint, Motherboards & A Flashing Cursor

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I was lucky enough to take part in an Intel retailer incentive that netted me an Intel P4304BTLSFCN barebones system with an Intel Xeon 1230 and an Intel AXXRMS2AF080 on-board RAID module. I added some hard drives and 16 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM. This is my new home server and since it has plenty of horsepower I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Home Server 2011 in a Hypervisor; not exactly sure what I would be using it for but WHS won’t use more than 8 GB of…read more

AVG Rescue CD

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AVG produces a great anti-virus product and makes a free version available; it’s highly recommended.  Recently they released AVG Rescue CD and it’s just as it sounds: a bootable CD with AVG on it, ready to fix those virus issues on your FAT32 or NTFS formatted hard drives.  System requirements indicate it will only work with Windows 2000 and up but that includes server versions as well; nicely done AVG. Like all great fixes available you need a second working computer or need to download and burn a copy every…read more


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