Windows 7 Remote Desktop tricks

Via Download Squad and Into Windows I came across a user modification that does two wonderful things: enables Remote Desktop for all Windows 7 versions and allows more than one Remote Desktop connection to any Windows PC.


For those users running Windows 7 Starter or Home versions you don’t have an option to enable Remote Desktop.  Any for all users of Remote Desktop you can’t run more than one connection to a PC.

Via this package you can enable remote desktop and allow multiple Remote Desktop sessions to the same PC.  This was accomplished by editing hex values in the termsrv.dll file, or so the NFO file states.  It’s a nicely done batch file that asks you if you want to enable the features and then performs it’s tasks; make sure you run the install.bat file as an administrator or it won’t work.

Use at your own risk and create a system restore point before proceeding.