Elektra Lives Again

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I’m going to provide some insight on Elektra Lives Again from Epic Comics and Graphitti Designs. This was a huge book for 1990: Frank Miller had collaborated with Janson and Mazzuchelli to produce epic runs on Daredevil and Batman, but his solo work with his wife Lynn Varley on Ronin didn’t get the commercial success the rest did.  Now Miller was returning to his creation Elektra doing the writing, penciling and inking with Varley painting.  Elektra Lives Again received a huge amount of press at the time: I remember drooling…read more

Mechanics: A Love & Rockets Graphic Novel

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This is the story of an accidental purchase of a signed and numbered book from the 1980s.  I was rummaging among the discount trade paperback section of my local comic shop when I came across Mechanics: A Love & Rockets Graphic Novel by Jaime Hernandez.  I had seen his art around for years but never go into it so this seemed like a good time to do it based on a cheap purchase. This is the second Love & Rockets book but it’s published in 1988 by Titan Books in…read more

Umbrella Academy Limited Editions

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In 2008 The Umbrella Academy took the comic world by storm, winning an Eisner for best limited series and cementing the creative team of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba as up and comers.  It was followed up by a second mini series and Dark Horse released both in deluxe oversized limited edition slipcased hardcovers. For a relatively new product Dark Horse really went all out: 12.8×8.4″, hardcover, slipcase, limited print run.  Full stories plus extensive added material including creator afterwords, character designs: extra upon extra.  The oversized pages make the…read more

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