The Collected Toppi Volume One: The Enchanted World

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Presenting the first in a seven-volume library of works by master illustrator Sergio Toppi. The self-taught artist is widely considered one of the world’s greatest visionaries in the art of sequential storytelling, with his evocative, detail-oriented pen-and-ink style tearing down the boundaries of what before him was considered or accepted to be “comics.” His work has influenced generations of contemporary masters who sing his praises, including Frank Miller, Walt Simonson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Denys Cowan, Ashley Wood, and many, many more. This first volume, The Enchanted World, contains eleven tales of…read more

The Collected Toppi Volume Two: North America

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Presenting the second in a seven-volume library of works by master illustrator Sergio Toppi. The second volume, North America, contains eleven tales of folklore set in historical periods within the early United States, Canada, and Alaska, all presented in English for the first time, with a foreword by celebrated artist and author David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, Jessica Jones). Stories included in this volume: – The Admiral at Rest – A Visit to John Colter – Katana – Answer my Question – Once in a Lifetime – The Will to Live…read more

The Collector

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Another stunning collection of translated Sergio Toppi material, The Collector is a compelling and beautiful read. Far from the auction halls of the elite, The Collector seeks out rare and mysterious artifacts across the world. At home in the salons of Paris as he is in the jungles of Borneo, The Collector is a man who has dedicated his life to finding objects very special and almost unknown , which tracks through his research in a variety of locations. But beware, a man who comes into possession of such items…read more

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