The Sandwich Of Summer 2012

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I like sandwiches. No, that’s not strong enough: I love sandwiches. Take ingredients you thoroughly enjoy and put them in a portable, edible container. We had what could be considered a “perfect storm” of elements in the refrigerator last week for me to create what is now my official sandwich of 2012.

Roasts for Sandwiches

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At our house I try and make everything myself, and that includes luncheon meat.  I prefer to roast large pieces of beef and pork with a heavily applied dry rub.  Cooking at 300F in the oven or the barbeque, even better the Big Green Egg, and you can expect about 20% weight loss after cooking.  So a five pound roast at $2 per pound becomes four pounds of sliced meat at $2.50 per pound; a whole lot better than the deli counter. Above is a pork loin with a dry…read more

Chaps Pit Beef

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We recently went to Baltimore and Washington and had the chance to visit a few local eateries.  After watching some Food TV I knew Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore was going to be a stop for us. It’s a small hole in the wall with a cement floor and various tables.  Nothing exciting but we were there to eat.  There was a lineup to the door the entire time, a mix of regulars and tourists. Pit beef was a new term for me but it’s straightforward: large joints of beef…read more


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