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Thorgal Vol 2 The Three Elders of Aran cover

Thorgal: The Three Elders of Aran

In these new adventures, Aaricia is crowned Queen, and Thorgal will have to face many difficult tests to track down his beauty. Then they spend some happy days together in the countryside… Their first child is announced. But, alas, everything…

Thorgal Child Of The Stars cover

Thorgal: Child Of The Stars

In the wild and inhospitable European far north, in the land of Scandinavian myth and runic legend, Viking warriors discover a child in a space capsule. Leif Haraldson adopts him and gives him the names of his gods: Thorgal Aegirsson,…

Lady S. Vol 1 Heres To Suzie cover

Lady S: Here’s To Suzie!

Being a fan of Cinebook and its English translations of foreign works I quickly snapped up Lady S: Here’s To Suzie!, the first volume of this series. Adopted daughter and principal collaborator of James Fitzroy, roving ambassador, special correspondent for…