SP 2 released for Vista and Server 2008

I was checking system updates on Tuesday and noticed Service Pack 2 was available for my Vista Ultimate 64 bit PC.  I don’t remember a service pack being released and on the same day being available via Windows Update.

As with Microsoft’s guidelines a service pack generally doesn’t feature any new technologies; just fixes and updates rolled together with any other tidbits previously released.  A full rundown of changes can be viewed here.  Notable changes include:

  • one service pack for Vista and Server 2008
  • ability to record data to Blu-Ray media
  • integrates and improves on Vista Feature Pack for Wireless
  • Integrates Hyper-V for Server 2008
  • Includes Service Pack Clean-up Tool

This last one is interesting: it removes old files that were part of previous updates, including SP 1, that are no longer needed.  Would be nice if this is part of every major update; who doesn’t want old crap cleaned out and space given back?

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