2011 March Reading

Batman: Haunted Gotham

A different take on the Batman mythos with Gotham controlled by demons and Bruce Wayne forced to fight the forces of Hell.

Conan Volume 0: Born On The Battlefield

A fantastic collection of stories about Conan’s childhood by Busiek and Ruth.

Catwoman: Wild Ride

A full helping of Cameron Stewart art; very clean and works so well with Brubaker’s writing.  Catwoman and Slam Bradley keep it interesting.

Long John Silver Volume 1: Lady Vivian Hastings

Stunningly good: top notch story and art fully envelope us.

Ultimate Thor

Nice reworking of the Thor origin in the Ultimate universe.  Still not enjoying Pacheco’s new style.

Weapons Of The Metabarons

Full review.

iZombie: Dead To The World

Out of left field, a story about a zombie girl working in a graveyard and the wacky adventures she encounters.

Day Of The Magicians Cover

Day Of The Magicians

Another great new experience from Humanoids.  Compelling tale of magic in today’s world with an interesting perspective on love and dedication.