2011 March Reading

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Batman: Haunted Gotham A different take on the Batman mythos with Gotham controlled by demons and Bruce Wayne forced to fight the forces of Hell. Conan Volume 0: Born On The Battlefield A fantastic collection of stories about Conan’s childhood by Busiek and Ruth. Catwoman: Wild Ride A full helping of Cameron Stewart art; very clean and works so well with Brubaker’s writing.  Catwoman and Slam Bradley keep it interesting. Long John Silver Volume 1: Lady Vivian Hastings Stunningly good: top notch story and art fully envelope us. Ultimate Thor…read more

2011 January Reading

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I’ve decided to track my comic reading for 2011: this will be my first full year of reading graphic novels and collected editions only, no monthly comics.  Based on my reading last year books slipped by and I forgot them, which doesn’t work well for a writer and reviewer.  My goal is to provide a link where the book can be purchased, a short overview and a review to the book if I write one for Comic Book Daily. Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Volume 1 Full review here. Fantastic…read more


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