2007/04/02: CRT

It seems my friends that the CRT monitor is in fact dead.  For my day job we have many locations and buy only CRT monitors.  Everything has gone swimmingly until last week when our vendor said they couldn’t get CRT monitors for us anymore.

Before we go further let me say there’s a corporate policy to only use CRT monitors at the moment, power and space savings be damned!  I found this whole “no more CRTs” situation incredible: I still had a few running at home, although in lowly support positions on my server and the test bench.

Hitting the major monitor manufacturer’s websites (Sony, Samsung, Philips, NEC-Mitsubishi, Acer) I couldn’t find anything but LCD monitors listed.  Next stop was Dell and HP, which each offer a single 17″ CRT monitor for sale, so there’s obviously other stubborn companies out there that refuse to let go.

The CRT still has an advantage I enjoy: any resolution looks good!  At home on my 24″ Dell LCD I run eveything at 1920×1200 since that’s the monitors number of pixels and anything other than that resolution isn’t the best, visual wise.  Big LCDs demand big money graphics cards.  With a trusty CRT you can play around with your resolution and get a decent gaming setup.  Statistics say users buy one monitor for every four computers they buy, since it’s stable and moves with the systems.  That and the sexiness of a slim LCD monitor is the nail in the CRT coffin.  Well, it’s the end of a very long era: goodbye old friend.