2007/03/26: WHS Redux

My APC UPS problems continue ( see last week for more details ) with random reboots.  I don’t believe the battery is working at all right now.  I have a brand new APC Smart UPS 1500 Rackmount in the garage, but I’ve been hoping to sell it instead of absorbing it into the household tech.  Guess it will be pressed into service.

I posted a review of the Promise SATA300 TX4 but needed a high quality pic.  There’s a tiny picture on the Promise website but when you click “Enlarge Image” you end up with a picture of a different model.  Contacted Promise tech support for a photo and to let them know of the problem but so far I’ve been ignored.  To be fair I’ve been emailing old Promise contacts I had from the RAID review days; who really knows if they’re still around?

Rethinking my whole home software setup. involving a hardware shuffle and software reload.  Currently my SBS 2003 install runs on a home built Athlon MP server.  With my TechNet subscription I wanted to update to SBS 2003 R2 anyways, so my big home built dual Opteron server will become the main home server.  Lots of work there.

Each day I use Windows Home Server beta 2 the more I appreciate it, and hope it’s main features will make it into a future SBS version.  Automated nightly backup with no file duplication is a fantastic feature, especially as it allows bare metal restore.  The beta team ask that RAID isn’t used, but with it’s folder duplication I feel too much space is being wasted.  I’ll rebuild this server as well with 500 MB hard drives and a RAID 5 adapter.

Finished Titan Quest Immortal Throne.  This is an expansion back, and is a Diablo-esque game with monster killing and weapon collecting.  The expansion added some much needed features such as auto sorting your loot storage and providing additional storage space in towns.  Look for a full review shortly.