Windows Home Server & 64 Bit Restore

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While Windows Home Server 2011 has been available for some time I still prefer version 1, based on Windows Server 2003. It has drive extender, is very mature, has a lot of add-ins available and runs well on older and slower hardware. Having said all that its age causes some issues, in particular with [intlink id=”334″ type=”post”]64 bit versions[/intlink] of Windows. That wasn’t an issue until Windows 7 took off and now most installations are of the 64 bit version, which provides quite a few benefits but most notably takes full…read more

MailStore Home

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In the wake of the Gmail temporary loss of accounts a lot of tech sites are highlighting ways to back up your account.  I like the suggestion of Hotmail accessing your Gmail through POP but that’s another cloud solution to maintain.  Using Thunderbird and POP access is another good idea but you need to have it running to pick up your mail. The best solution I’ve found is MailStore Home.  It will backup and restore your email from basically any email client native or online and it’s free for personal…read more

Macrium Reflect Free Edition

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Setting up a PC for a friend and they needed some sort of backup.  My first thought is always Windows Home Server but this was a single PC and the extra cost couldn’t be justified.  I turned again to Macrium Reflect Free Edition: the user had an older 200 GB Maxtor external USB hard drive that would hold the backup files.  To be fair I first tried Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Free Edition and ToDo Backup but neither one did exactly what I wanted: a backup that could be…read more


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