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Rio Graphitti Designs cover

Rio By Doug Wildey Graphitti Designs Edition

IDW solicited a complete Doug Wildey Rio collection recently and that shook a few cobwebs loose about a hardcover from years back. Hot on the trail I was browsing a comic shop for old hardcovers and came across Rio by Doug Wildey, a…

Watchmen AP signature plate

Graphitti Designs Watchmen A/P

This is my first Bound Together column that’s based on a book I don’t own, but it’s a doozy. In 1988 Graphitti Designs produced for DC a collected edition of Watchmen: a black hardcover in a slipcase with a good amount of…

Rocketeer Graphitti Cover

Rocketeer By Dave Stevens

It was the first hardcover collected edition I purchased: The Rocketeer from Eclipse Books, fresh off the press in 1986.  A solid 8.5×11.5″ seventy-page book for $20; pricey even for that few pages.  Sadly my copy shows the wear and…