Nvidia 680i Windows Home Server

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I had retired my Intel E6600 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo and eVGA 122-CK-F68 Nvidia 680i motherboard combo last year when I upgraded to an Intel i5-750 and P55 platform.  At the time I didn’t need it for anything so it languished in my office closet. Recently I’ve been ripping my DVD collection and playing them back on my PS3 on one television and a Mac Mini with XBMC on another.  My existing WHS consists of four 500 GB hard drives in a dual Xeon 2.8 GHz server with 2…read more


eVGA Trouble continued

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Last time around I had received my RMA replacement video card from eVGA but it didn’t work with 3D applications. I contacted tech support and they suggested checking the 12V voltage in the motherboard’s power settings but instead I used a digital multimeter and checked that and the PCI-E 6 pin power connectors. All three were within spec, between 11.98v and 12.04v. Did the same on the borrowed system with the same results: my power supplies were giving proper power to the system.


eVGA and Nvidia Video troubles

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About two weeks ago I experienced some PC troubles.  I came back to my desk to find my PC locked up: the screen had rows or red dashes running over everything else.  I power cycled the PC but now those rows or dashes were white and came up immediately.  I powered down again and took the side off my case to get a better look at anything going on in my system.  Powered the PC back up and the same video issue: everything was running fine, all fans spinning, nothing hot…read more


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