PC Magazine stops print edition

The last print edition of PC Magazine will be the January 2009 issue.  All subscribers will be moved to the digital edition.  I’ve been a subscriber for the last decade and have watched them make several changes in the last few years that haven’t worked.

The first nail was the new redesign that only gave a cursory review and prompted you to go online for the full version: if I wanted to read a review online I wouldn’t buy a magazine.  Next they dropped the twice monthly print and went to monthly.  This move extended my paid subscription to 2014: will I get a refund on my remaining five years?

I enjoyed some of the new concepts, like the bold colours and how to articles.  For me a print tech magazine has to fulfil two rolls: update me on new products via reviews and show me how to do things.  Regurgitating press releases is useless and news is now for the web.  I want to read solid reviews of new products so I can make informed purchases and I want to see how to use or better use items I already have.

The best examples of tech magazines for me are both English: PC Pro and Custom PC.  Luckily I can get them in Southern Ontario.  PC Pro does what I want and goes far beyond: they actually have a business section that reviews business hardware and software, plus have a slew of articles from a variety of tech writers each month.  Custom PC is like the old Boot magazine before it became Maximum PC and lost it’s edge and tech savvy: lots of great reviews, how-to’s and in depth tech articles.