Bad advice in PC Mag’s Ultimate PC Upgrade Guide

Reading the October 2008 issue of PC Magazine and got angry at some crappy advice in their upgrade guide.  First issue is they call it the “ultimate” guide on the cover but open the magazine and it’s now called “PC Magazine’s Essential Upgrade Guide” and is a total of five pages.  Page 74 tells you to upgrade your hard drive and then suggests buying Norton Ghost 14 for $70 to copy over the contents of your old drive to your new larger drive.  Yes Ghost does other things but they don’t mention it in the article, so I’m basing my wrath on this horrible advice.  Seagate and Western Digital both offer free utilities to copy contents over to new drives.  A quick Google search of “drive copy” led me to Paragon Drive Copy Personal 8.0 SE which does just what you want for free, as does HDClone 3.6 Free Edition.  If you actually want the same features as Ghost for free try PING.