Moishes Montreal

Just came back from a trip to Quebec and was able to eat at Moishes in Montreal.  It’s an old school steakhouse: very nice wood interior, well dressed wait staff and a small meat menu.  I ordered the ribeye with twice baked potato for $54 and my wife ordered the striploin New York cut with french fries for $52 so we could get a nice cross selection.  We also shared oyster mushrooms ($11) and a Caesar salad ($10).  I’m remember-guessing on the prices but they’re pretty close.

Every meal at Moishes includes fresh light rye, pumpernickel, pickles and coleslaw.  All of it top notch, especially the vinegar based coleslaw.  A nice crunch and a sour sweet taste.  Pickles and coleslaw are available at most supermarkets now and are a real treat: we don’t buy any other pickle.

The Caesar salad came first: romaine lettuce, a thin layer of dressing, a shower of cheese (I believe Romano) and a crouton.  That’s right, one crouton and no bacon!  The taste was nice but too much anchovy on the linger.  I mentioned it to the waiter and he said everyone loved the anchovy and some asked for more.  Ya.

Steaks arrived: they were beautifully cooked to medium rare with an extraordinary crust.  A decent sized portion for both steaks.  The twice baked potato was nice and airy with a cheddar crust and the potato skin firm but not crunchy.  Fries were crisp and fluffy.  The oyster mushrooms had a nice char and a slight acidic taste that was fantastic.

There was one glaring problem: the steaks had no real beef flavour and had a chew to them.  Based on the fat levels, texture and taste I believe this was Canada AAA grade beef (similar and slightly better than USDA choice).  I could be wrong but don’t think so.  For that kind of money I expect Canada Prime grade and dry aged to boot.