Amazon Email Blunder

I love Amazon: they carry most of the books, music and movies I want at a decent discount.  I don’t enjoy their sales emails so I logged into my account and checked a box labeled “Receive no e-mail
(Excluding transactional e-mail)”.  Immediately following that I received this email:

You have successfully changed your communication preferences.

You wish to not receive the following E-mail

Legal notices The terms and conditions of shopping at (If you choose not to receive legal notices by e-mail, you will need to check our Web site to stay updated on policy changes)
New products New products similar to those you’ve purchased in the past (New books by favorite authors, new music by favorite artists, new movies with favorite actors, and so on)
Research surveys Tell us how well our store meets your needs
Special offers Notice of sales, new store openings, important new stores features,contests, and other promotional announcements

I think the concept of RECEIVE NO EMAIL is lost on someone…