Eating to the bone

Found whole pork legs (hams) for $0.69 a pound so I picked up two.  I love pork and keep finding new uses for it.  After trimming I roasted the bones to see how much meat I could get from what was left, just like the pork shoulders I picked up last month.  Except this time I remembered to take pictures.


This time around I seasoned the bones with salt and pepper and added a small amount of pork stock to the bottom of the pan.  After about two hours I flipped them over and roasted until the meat was easy to pull off the bone.


Once again I ended up with a huge pile of meat: there was more fat and cartilage this time but a careful sift through took care of that.  Made a wonderful gravy from the drippings and stock from the now well-picked bones.  And to think I used to throw the bones away after trimming the meat!