The Dynamite Art Of Alex Ross

Comic art coffee table books are hard to gauge without a good thumbing, so I looked forward to an opportunity to get my hands on The Dynamite Art Of Alex Ross and flip through to determine its worth.

Dynamite Art Of Alex Ross cover

Alex Ross’ ultra-realistic, painted renditions of iconic superheroes have made him a superstar. In the vein of acclaimed and fan-favourite Alex Ross books such as Mythologies and Rough Justice, we are proud to present the ultimate collection of Alex Ross art from his extensive collaboration with Dynamite, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross. Containing sketches, designs, layouts and pencils, interior work, covers, and a wealth of unpublished art.

Collecting all of Alex’s Dynamite covers and interior art in one complete hardcover volume, also featuring Marvel pages, along with commentary throughout the book by Alex Ross himself, as well as special bonus material, this is a package not to be missed. A must-buy for Alex Ross’ legion of fans!

  • $39.99 USD
  • Dynamite: Nov 2011
  • Hardcover, 328 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-244-8
  • Order online: Amazon

What struck me the most was the sheer breadth of work Alex Ross has done while working under the Dynamite banner: Buck Rogers, Red Sonja, Avengers vs. Invaders, Green Hornet, Project Superpowers, The Phantom, New Invaders, Kirby Genesis, Flash Gordon, The Shadow and more.

Layout 1

This book is was well edited and produced: the nine inch wide pages allow for full comic art and a small border/edge with notes. And notes are something we get in abundance: Ross has comments and information for most works in the book. We’re frequently treated to pencil designs as well, fleshing out the content considerably.

Layout 1

After a full featured introduction that gives some background about Ross’ involvement with Dynamite he then introduces each section. This is an art book first and foremost and not to be confused with any of the biography type comic hardcovers on the market: the notes provide just enough detail to keep the reader informed about the art. This after all an art book and as such we’re treated to many, many pages of Ross’ works.

Layout 1

The Dynamite Art Of Alex Ross is a solid hardcover with thick glossy pages. It exudes production quality. I found the binding to be a bit tight, not being able to lay the book flat and have the first or last pages open. This is a wonderful work for all Alex Ross fans and while pricey at $40 USD you’re getting a lot for your money.

Originally published at Comic Book Daily.