Converting a volume to NTFS

I have that wonderful WD Passport drive and use it for shuffling files between work and home.  I was copying a directory over and it was telling me the destination was full and couldn’t copy a 6 GB ISO image.  Not exactly sure what the issue was but guessed it was related to the file system when I saw the WD Passport used FAT32.  I know why WD would use FAT32 since it would work well with most versions of Windows, Linux and OS X, but I like NTFS since my environment is strictly Windows 2000 and up.  Two simple commands to convert the drive from within a Windows XP command prompt:

  1. vol e: (where e: is the drive you’re converting)
  2. convert e: /fs:ntfs

You’ll be asked for the volume name before conversion; hence step one.  It was quick and easy.