Automating MailStore Home

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I recently installed and reviewed MailStore Home, a great program for backing up your email.  I have three Gmail accounts that cover the different aspects of my life so I set all three up.

While I enjoy all of MailStore Home’s features I really wanted to automate the backup process so I wouldn’t have to manually run it every week.  Searching the internet and MailStore’s help and forums I didn’t see a solution but it’s actually right there in the program if you look hard enough.

Once accounts are set up go to the Archive screen, select an account and click “Create Desktop Shortcut”.  Open the shortcut, copy the target line, open Task Scheduler, create a new task and paste in what you copied.  Should look something like this:

“C:Program Files (x86)deepinventMailStore HomeMailStoreLocal.exe” –import –id=1

Fairly straightforward command line: import to add emails and id is assigned as you add accounts.  I created a batch file with my three command lines, one for each id, and it runs in sequence.  Trying to run more than once instance at a time will get you an error that MailStore is already running.

My obstacle right now is the summary that pops up when the archive job is complete.  If you’re only backing up one account it’s fine to see the summary but until I close the summary my backup of the second account doesn’t start.  Anyone who knows the command line switch to turn off the summary please post a comment.