Windows System Control Center

You may have stumbled upon the collection of one trick utilities from Sysinternals (now owned by Microsoft) or NirSoft.  All kinds of items written to perform specific tasks the authors saw as a need: password recovery, page file defragmentation, etc.  To be honest there are so many you don’t even know they’re available until you have the need.

That’s where Windows System Control Center by KLS Soft comes in: they’ve created a free front end that manages every utility from these two software groups under one simple application.


The “must have” factor came with the latest version 1.6.  Previous versions would provide the front end and you pointed it at where you’ve downloaded and saved the files: they’re all free so it was only the time and patience to locate and download them.  With the current version WSCC comes with an “Updates” option: once clicked it will download the latest version of every utility so if it’s a fresh install you get everything with one click.  You can selectively pick what you want but all in it’s 45 MB.  WSCC doesn’t require an install and works great as a portable application.  If that’s not enough it also comes with a built in console where you can pick the utility you want and then add switches manually.  As well it groups the built in Windows utilities for easy access.

One use of any of the hundreds of free utilities shows the value of NirSoft and Sysinternals: Windows System Control Center enables the knowledge to use them.