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Sandwich of Summer 2012 closeup

The Sandwich Of Summer 2012

I like sandwiches. No, that's not strong enough: I love sandwiches. Take ingredients you thoroughly enjoy and put them in a portable, edible container. We had what could be considered a "perfect storm" of elements in the refrigerator last week for me to create what is now my official sandwich of 2012.

Turkey Fat

Over the holidays I had a chance to roast a turkey and make gravy.  It was a twenty pound bird and I somehow ended up with just under a cup of fat in the roasting pan.  The fat was fairly…

Steam: the key to great pastrami

After rummaging around the freezer for something to eat for lunch I came across the turkey pastrami I made last summer when I bought all those whole turkeys on sale.  Last time around I had warmed them in a pan…

Buy whole animals and use all parts

Last weekend grade A turkeys were $1 a pound so I bought three fourteen pound birds.  I know a deal when I see it and normally only purchase meat when it’s on sale and then I try to get a…