Cranberry Sauce

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My family was away over Thanksgiving and a friend canceled for dinner but I decided to forge ahead and make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for myself. Since I’m diabetic (type 2) I skipped the mashed potatoes and made my dressing with whole wheat bread; for my roux I used whole wheat flour. That also meant I had to change my standard cranberry sauce recipe. I always followed the standard Ocean Spray recipe on the package of fresh cranberries: bring a cup of water and a cup of sugar to a…read more

Thanksgiving feast

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Successfully came through my Thanksgiving dinner. The last few years I’ve been winging it with my stuffing and the results have been mixed to put it kindly. This year I turned to a great basic stuffing recipe from Saveur that was full of fresh herbs, celery, onions, dried bread cubes, stock and eggs. I added mushrooms and homemade sausage and baked for fourty five minutes: the end product was excellent. I also made Parker House rolls from a Cooks Illustrated recipe but let the buns do their final rise in…read more


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