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Ed Leffingwells Little Joe by Harold Gray cover

Ed Leffingwell’s Little Joe by Harold Gray

In 1936, after the untimely death of his cousin and fellow cartoonist, Ed Leffingwell, Harold Gray took the reins of this seminal Western comic strip and brought to it a combination of dark adventure, as seen in his Little Orphan…

Foolish Questions Other Odd Observations cover

Foolish Questions & Other Odd Observations

Before his incredible inventions made him a household word, Rube Goldberg was one of the most popular comic-strip artists in America. This hilarious collection contains the complete Sunday comics run of his first hit, “Foolish Questions,” a daily strip panel…

Flash Gordon restored

Peter Maresca’s Restoration Process

A brief interview with Peter Maresca at CBR caught my interest about his restoration process in relation to working on Titan’s Flash Gordon series. What goes into this process? Take us through having the original art and what’s required as far as…