Windows 7 Install Doesn’t See SSD

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I was setting up a new PC and pulled a 60 GB SSD from an idle¬†system to use in this build. I started the Windows 7 installation but when it trundled along to the hard drive portion no local drives were detected. I rebooted and checked the BIOS, but the drive was recognized. Another step into Windows and the same thing: no drive. A few more trips to the BIOS and adjustments made to hard drive type (AHCI, native mode IDE) but no changes. Furious internet searching led me nowhere…read more


Posted by in Technology

A decent utility that in its free form give two great pieces of information: that TRIM is enabled and the relative life of your SSD drive. Unfortunately it didn’t matter how long I left SSDLife running it never showed my drive’s estimated life.¬† I’ll leave it in my System Tray for a while and see what develops.


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