Sound Blaster AWE64D

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Blast from the past: originally published August 7th 2001, updated July 12th 2002. It’s interesting what gets lost in the hectic pace of the computer industry. I have a lot of hardware floating around my office, and when I eventually get around to using something it’s a struggle to find drivers and technical information. I built a system for one uncle a few years ago; standard fair Intel machine with an 810e motherboard and a Sound Blaster AWE64D PCI sound card. Everything OEM and in static bags; no retail parts for me,…read more

Get more volume in Windows 7

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On my recent vacation at night my daughter would watch her favourite Disney movies on my Acer Timeline 1410 11.6″ laptop.  Everything worked well and the picture was great but the sound, even at full volume in Windows 7 Professional x64 was kind of weak. Some poking around and web searches led me to Windows 7 Speaker Enhancements, specifically Loudness Equalization.  Enabling this boosted the volume, without distortion, to what I perceived as at least 50%.  Now the movies could be heard easily and without issue. To get to this…read more


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