The Shark King

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After being enthralled with Night Fisher I was anxious to read R. Kikuo Johnson’s next comic endeavour The Shark King. From the islands of Hawaii comes the electrifying tale of Nanaue, who has to balance his yearning for Dad’s guidance with his desire for Mom’s nurture. Award-winning cartoonist R. Kikuo Johnson transports young readers to the lush tropical shores of his native Hawaii. Fluent or not, young readers will be thrilled when they experience the transformative powers of a stirring literary work. Meet Nanaue, a boy craving to be who he truly is….read more

Night Fisher

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R. Kikuo Johnson set the comic world on fire with his 2005 debut Night Fisher.  Unfortunately I wasn’t reading non superhero comics then and never heard of it.  Big mistake. First-rate prep school, S.U.V., and a dream house in the heights: This was the island paradise handed to Loren Foster when he moved to Hawaii with his father six years ago. Now, with the end of high school just around the corner, his best friend, Shane, has grown distant. The rumors say it’s hard drugs, and Loren suspects that Shane has…read more

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