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WordPress plugins previous versions

Find previous versions of WordPress plugins

I ran the WordPress Updates as normal but found one plugin had taken some of the free features and moved them to the premium version. I needed one feature and started looking for the previous version. Turns out the WordPress…

WordPress Pending Post Notifier

After implementing individual user accounts on WordPress contributors now submitted their posts for review and an editor reviews and posts it.  Unfortunately there isn’t an automated notification built into WordPress to let editors know there’s a post waiting.  Luckily there’s…

WordPress User Role Capabilities

I’ve been working on a WordPress powered website recently, implementing a lot of features.  The first item was to stop everyone using the admin login and create unique logins for everyone with properly assigned roles.  Here’s how WordPress breaks down…

SearchLoad Options Add-On

An amazingly simple and effective Firefox 2 plug in that does two things really well; clears your search box after a specified time, and opens your search in a new tab.  Brilliant! SearchLoad Options

Firefox extensions FEBE and CLEO

Two great extensions: FEBE backs up your current extensions as XPI files so they can be installed anywhere, as well as bookmarks and cookies.  CLEO packages this backup as one self extracting file.  Very slick. Chuck Baker’s FEBE and CLEO

Google Browser Sync for Firefox

A new util from Google for syncing your various copies of Firefox; bookmarks, cookies, passwords, browser history.  I was hoping for extension syncing but not this release. Google Browser Sync for Firefox (long dead)

Results based list of Firefox Extensions

A great list of Firefox extensions based on what you want to accomplish.  I wanted a spellcheck for blogging and could have really used this list yesterday… I want a Firefox Extension to…